Canadians, I am Begging You to Request Discord Snom Stickers

Discord is getting stickers, and Canadians, you're my only hope.

Despite having a variety of features to customize servers and give them your own personal flavor — like custom server emojis and statuses — Discord has been slow to jump on the sticker train. But that’s changing, albeit a bit slowly. 

In a blog post, Discord employee Nelly explained that stickers are on the way, and have actually been in development since the summer of 2019. Despite this year’s worth of development, the Discord team still wants to take this feature’s launch slowly. 

To help make sure we can refine and evolve our products to the best they can be, sometimes we also rely on slower rollouts. We care about user feedback, and doing slow releases/gated releases ensures that we’re making the space to hear our community directly,” the blog post states.

Stickers will be taking this slower approach, first releasing in Canada-only, and only PC and iOS users will have access for now, though Android is “coming soon.” Apparently the region-locked release is to ensure that Discord can get user feedback on the ups and downs of sticker usage before dropping them on a global audience. 

That might be for the best, considering stickers won’t be free. If you want to throw them in your convos once they’re live in your region, they’re going to cost you. The blog post doesn’t say how much these sticker packs will run you, though it did state that Nitro subscribers will receive a 33 percent discount on all sticker pack purchases. Current Nitro and Classic subscribers can also grab a free pack called “What’s Up Wumpus” permanently, and active Nitro users can claim another free pack called “Wumpus Nitro Elite” for as long as they’re subscribed. 

If you’re a lucky Canadian who has access to stickers before the rest of us, you can let the Discord team know what you think using the feedback forums. Canadians, I am begging you tell Discord we’re in desperate need of animated Snom stickers. Please, don’t let me down.


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