Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Datamine Reveals 200-Player Battle Royale Mode

Three's company, 200's a crowd

Move over Fortnite, PUBG, Apex Legends, and whatever other battle royale game you might be playing, because it looks like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will be getting a new multiplayer mode to rival those games, according to information gathered from datamining the game.

The (extremely long) list of details was posted on the Modern Warfare subreddit by user Senescallo, who has previously datamined weapons, cosmetics, missions, and other content that eventually was revealed to be in the game.

While I won’t break down every individual detail Senescallo put into the post, as a lot of it has to do with the minutiae of how the game works, here are some of the main beats:

  • Matches will consist of 200 players on one map.
  • There will be three different possible setups, including: solo, duos, or a squad of four per team.
  • Battle royale matches will feature missions and objectives to shake things up, including: Tracked, Timed Run, Assassination (Eliminate specific player), Scavenger Hunt (Collect Scavenger Crates), Domination (Capture Domination Point)
  • Looting and upgrades will include armor, helmets, and perks like enemy tracking, faster reloading, and additional consumable use.

For more on battle royale games and modes:

If you’re a fan of Modern Warfare there’s a ton of nuts and bolts for you to read up on in Senescallo’s post, but for everyone else those are the big pillars to take away. Also, here’s the overhead view of the map:

While Senescallo is quick to point out the specifics of their findings may change between now and Modern Warfare’s battle royale eventually launches, they’ve had a fair amount of success leaking upcoming content in the past. Just check out their post history on Reddit.

For more of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare being an extremely questionable product:

In the meantime, Modern Warfare has plenty of multiplayer modes and content to keep you busy until battle royale finally does appear in the game, and we here at Fanbyte have plenty of content here to help you through it. Need help making your perks work together? There’s a guide for that. Want some guidance on landing finishing moves? We’ve got that too. How are your killstreaks going? Not well? Then maybe you should read our guide on the subject.


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