Bloober Team Signs a Deal with Konami for Future Endeavors That Probably Won’t Be Amazing

And not knowing is the scariest thing of all!

A few months ago, rumors began swirling about Bloober Team — developers behind Layers of FearBlair Witch, and The Medium — working with on a storied horror franchise, which people surmised to mean Silent Hill. It was then reported by VGC that Bloober’s Silent Hill project was but one of several currently in the works. Aside from that report, though, there wasn’t much official word to add wood to the fire until today.

A statement released by Bloober Team announces that the horror developer is collaborating with Konami for “jointly developing selected contents and exchanging know-how.” What does that mean? The statement doesn’t elaborate! But it’s a safe bet that Silent Hill from Team Bloober is probably not just a rumor.

This news is both good and bad, I think. If it truly is Silent Hill, yay! The series is not dead, as it seemed to be after the very public cancellation of Silent Hills and director Hideo Kojima’s subsequent ousting from Konami. On the other hand…look, I am all for hoping for the absolute best from every developer, but Bloober’s track record ain’t exactly great. There’s a lot of developers with game catalogs out there that clearly show ambitious ideas with flawed execution and Bloober Team is kind of that but using the term “ambitious ideas” real generously.

Konami, for that matter, has not exactly been hitting it out of the park. Their recent Contra revival titled Rogue Corps is pretty maligned even by its defenders. The publisher also has a long history of just having no idea what the Silent Hill audience wants and spent untold amounts of money on outsourcing the games already to very, very mixed results.

Who knows! Maybe Silent Hill is exactly what Bloober Team needs to really go for it and for Konami to get a win with the series. But when this seemingly inevitably gets announced, I’ll probably be a little reserved in how much I’m expecting from it.


Imran Khan

Imran is Fanbyte's News Editor and owns too many gaming t-shirts.