Blizzard is Hosting an Overwatch 2 Stream Next Week, Please Show Soldier: 76

The presentation will focus on the PvP modes.

Blizzard has said it’s going to be more communicative about Overwatch 2 following its presentation at BlizzConline 2021, and it sounds like the company is ready to make good on that promise very soon. Like, next week.

Aaron Keller, who recently took over for Jeff Kaplan as the game’s director after his departure in April, said in his first Developer Update video that Blizzard is planning on holding a livestream to focus on the game’s PvP modes specifically. This means there’s likely not to be any new footage of the game’s campaign mode, which is cooperative and story-driven. The stream will take place on May 20, and feature Overwatch League teams, as well as developers.

Following this, the team will be doing a Reddit AMA on May 24 to discuss the game further, along with just talking generally about the past five years of developing Overwatch and its sequel.

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Overwatch 2 is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch, and will share a competitive multiplayer pool with the original Overwatch. Unfortunately, the game has been pushed out of 2021. The sequel will bring a story mode to the series, which will make the story more entwined with its gameplay, which has been primarily competitive over the years with the exception of its yearly Archives event. Which is exciting, but is also making waves for fan creators who have largely been working within the spaces the game never filled.

And also, Soldier: 76 has a beard in this game and it is perfect. But will it have cross-play across platforms? Who can say? Not Blizzard. Not yet, at least.