Blissey Brings More Healing and a Generation II Rep to Pokemon Unite

You need healing.

Just three weeks after its last, Pokemon Unite is getting another new character in the form of Blissey, and given that the game is lacking in healers, she’s a welcome addition.

Blissey will be added the MOBA’s roster on Wednesday, August 18, and will join characters like Eldegoss, Mr. Mime. and Wigglytuff in the support role. She specializes in healing, as well as attack speed buffs, and her Unite Move lets her dash quickly to an ally and protects them from damage.

Check out Blissey’s reveal trailer below:

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Blissey is the second Pokemon to be added to Pokemon Unite after Gardevoir joined the line-up shortly after the game launched on Switch. We’ll see if the game keeps up this pipeline, as releasing a single character in a game with this small of a character pool can change things pretty drastically, and introducing new characters at a rapid pace can have some pretty notable consequences. Players are still waiting for Blastoise to round out the Kanto starters in Unite, so there are a lot of gaps in Pokemon to fill here. Blissey does, however, bring the first Generation II Pokemon to Pokemon Unite.

All that being said, I will not be playing as her because I am a Pikachu one-trick.

Beyond Pokemon Unite, later this week, The Pokemon Company is holding another Pokemon Presents showcase to talk about Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl, as well as Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

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