Blastoise Finally Rounds Out the Kanto Starters in Pokemon Unite’s Roster

After appearances in the beta and tutorial, Blastoise finally comes home.

All of the original starters are finally going to be in Pokemon Unite, as Blastoise is coming to the MOBA on September 1.

Blastoise has already been featured in Pokemon Unite’s beta and tutorial, so players have been ready and waiting for the cannon-toting turtle to finally join the roster for a while. He’s a defender class character, and his showcase trailer shows he has some abilities like Rapid Spin that can put him in a vulnerable position, but his tankiness helps him withstand attacks and keep pressure on.

Blastoise completes the trio of original starters, as Charizard and Venusaur have been playable since Pokemon Unite launched on Switch back in July. So now they’ll all be playable when the game comes to mobile on September 22. It’s all the same to me, as I’ll be playing Pikachu until they add anyone I like near as muchPokemon Unite’s character rollout has been pretty strong so far, with Gardevoir and Blissey already having been added, plus Mamoswine and Sylveon coming in future updates, as confirmed at last week’s Pokemon Presents showcase.

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In other Pokemon news, the latest Pokemon Presents show had a lot of new footage from both the upcoming Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl remakes, showing off some of the more sizable changes to those games that felt like it was missing from the original reveal. Also getting some spotlight was Pokemon Legends: Arceus, which is also looking way better than its initial unveiling. The game was running much more smoothly, and we got a sense of what it will be like to navigate an open-world Pokemon entry. Developer Game Freak seems to be taking some liberties with just about everything we know about the series, from its battle system to how you navigate its wild areas with the help of flying and swimming Pokemon.

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