Bioware Solemnly Swears Dragon Age 4 is Making Progress, For Real

*cries into my copy of Dragon Age: Inquisition*

It’s hard being a Dragon Age fan right now. After this year’s EA Play stream brought absolutely no news about Bioware’s fantasy franchise that has been quiet for six years (game wise, at least), fans are looking for literally any sign of life from the long-teased but never shown fourth Dragon Age game that will supposedly continue the story of Solas, the surprise villain of Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Bioware Executive Producer Mark Darrah took to Twitter to reassure fans that, despite the company’s complete silence at this year’s EA PlayDragon Age 4, or whatever it ends up being called, is still in active development. The team at Bioware has shifted over to a work from home set up, which has made things a bit more complicated, but the game is still making progress.

And that’s all well and good, but dang, y’all ever seen any crime shows where people take pictures of someone they’ve taken hostage and make them hold that day’s newspaper just to prove that they’re actually alive? I feel like I could use a picture of Ramon Tikaram recording voice lines for my Dragon Age boyfriend Dorian Pavus holding the day’s newspaper. Just to reassure me that Dragon Age 4 is actually a thing that exists, and not just quick shots of a tree and red lyrium covered environments. These are crumbs. But I could use some crumbs with flavor right now.

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Whatever the situation with Dragon Age 4 is, it’s at least good to hear that Bioware is working from home in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, which has complicated work for many studios who are trying to ship their games. Whether it be in delays of content updates like Final Fantasy XIV or in completely pushing games off their intended release date like the Mafia: Definitive Edition remake, game development has gotten significantly tougher in the past few months. In all of this, somehow, the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 are still slated to come out this holiday season, but according to Head of Xbox Phil Spencer, it’s more likely that games and product launches set for 2021 will be the ones more affected than anything that was already set in motion for 2020.

While Dragon Age 4 might have a big question mark hanging above it, the rest of the series was finally made available on Steam after years of only being available on EA’s proprietary Origin launcher. This resulted in Dragon Age II appearing on Steam’s list of top sellers, and that game is dope, so it being recognized is dope.

In the meantime, Bioware’s been supporting the Dragon Age series with novels and comics, including Dragon Age: Blue Wraith, which follows fan favorite character Fenris, who was a party member in Dragon Age II. Following the release of the comic, voice actor Gideon Emery did a reading of one of the comic’s best panels, which showed Fenris petting a dog and it was extremely good, in our opinion.

Dragon Age’s future is nebulous, and Mass Effect is rumored to be getting a remaster of the original trilogy soon, but as it happens, Anthem is the series Bioware is actually speaking about in any official capacity right now. The game is undergoing a significant overhaul, and has been slowing down its content rollout in the meantime. As a fan of Mass Effect: Andromeda, it doesn’t feel great to see Bioware really trying to resuscitate the game that seems emblematic of its biggest problems, though.