This Pokemon Short About Bidoof is the Cutest Thing I’ve Seen Today

The little guy finally gets to be the star of the show.

I’ve consumed a lot of Pokemon stuff in my time, and my heart grew so many sizes larger upon watching the Bidoof’s Big Stand animated short than a non-insignificant amount of the series’ output over 26 years.

Bidoof, the beaver Pokemon that debuted in Pokemon Diamond & Pearl on the DS, has become a meme over the years because he’s a lil’ doofus. But it’s also known for being a Pokemon that can learn many world-opening Hidden Moves in the original games, thus becoming a begrudging mainstay in people’s Sinnoh region parties back in the day. Even in the Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl remakes, Bidoof is one of the Pokemon players will call upon to perform these moves and navigate the world without having to assign it to one of their own Pokemon. So the joke is clearly not lost on The Pokemon Company. But with Bidoof’s Big Stand, the little guy gets a chance to be the star of the show. Usual series mascot Pikachu makes an appearance for a few seconds at the beginning, only to be pushed aside for Bidoof as the real focus of the beautifully animated short.

Check the full video out below:

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Bidoof, alongside much of the Sinnoh Pokemon that debuted in Diamond & Pearl, will be making an appearance in Pokemon Legends: Arceus when it comes to Switch on January 28. The game takes place in an early version of the region when it was called Hisui, and will tell the story of ancestors of Diamond & Pearl characters like Professor Rowan and Team Galactic boss Cyrus. Though its world seems the most expansive of any Pokemon game, it doesn’t appear to be “open-world” in the usual sense.