Bandai Namco, Please Consult TikTok User @EmilyZugay on Your New Logo

She graduated with a degree in design.

There’s a TikTok creator named Emily Zugay who makes new logos for companies like Amazon and Funko because she deems the originals as inferior. She has over a million followers and a degree in design, so as a person who believes that higher education is valuable and not in any way a classist scam, I have no reason to not trust her clearly excellent judgment. I’m telling you about Zugay because I feel like Bandai Namco should consult her for a new company logo after the new one it revealed yesterday.


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In other news:

The new logo will go into effect in 2022, which means you’ll be seeing it on the covers of games like Digimon Survive and Elden Ring. And it’s…well, let’s call it minimalistic. The company says this will “bring together the value of all [its] products, services, and labels” under the same simplistic logo. Ultimately, it’s meaningless to anything, really. At least, as far as whether or not the games are going to be any good. Bandai Namco’s a well and established name before it is a logo, so it doesn’t really matter if they took something that popped and changed it to something that merely exists. But it’s always worth looking at a decision and asking yourself, “can this be better?”

The answer is “yes, it could be better,” by the way.