Baldur’s Gate III Patch 6 Is Coming, Will Be Incompatible With Old Saves

The next update will bring a new playable class.

Baldur’s Gate III is heading into a new patch, and as such, the early access RPG is heading into the terrifying future of incompatible saves and new content.

Patch 6, which will be about 60GB in size, will render your old saves made from Patch 5 or prior useless on the new build. Should you want to keep playing your old save (but miss out on new content found in Patch 6), you can do so by going to Baldur’s Gate III’s properties on Steam, clicking on the Betas tab, and choosing “patch5 – EA Patch 5” on the options. As for what Patch 6 will entail, developer Larian Studios is keeping a lot of that quiet for the moment, as it’s working on a panel that will break it all down. However, the studio is bringing Baldur’s Gate III to EGX in London this week, which will include a preview of a new playable class for those attending the event. So it’s likely that will be part of the next patch.

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As a person who just began his Baldur’s Gate III journey, I’m glad to see some new content is coming shortly after I finished much of what was available in the game’s early access. It’s been new territory for me in a few ways. Both in that I haven’t really played a proper CRPG before, but also as a person who really likes to define his character, playstyle, and choices, adapting to its systems in a playthrough that won’t be the same in a year has been challenging. But I’m up to find out what my Baldur’s Gate III story looks like in a few patches.