Turtle Rock is Adjusting Back 4 Blood’s Unintended Difficulty Spike

That's a few too many Tallboys.

Back 4 Blood is pretty damn hard—that’s not just coming from me, either. In an update stream from Turtle Rock, the studio admitted the co-op shooter is facing development challenges that make it “far more difficult than intended.”

Earlier this week, Turtle Rock thought they had fixed issues surrounding Special Ridden. The bug had extra-powerful zombies popping up in increased numbers as they duplicated their own spawn cards. However, it seems the accidental challenge wasn’t really resolved, and the studio is still working on new fixes to tame Back 4 Blood’s most brutal foes. It’s a slow-going effort; as Turtle Rock explained their spawn system is complex, making “fixes here inherently carry a lot of risk.”

Some of Back 4 Blood’s difficulty woes also include problems surrounding excessive trauma damage, but those obstacles were (sort of) fixed. Turtle Rock says it deployed a server-side patch, but you won’t see those changes reflected in offline play until the next downloadable update.

Unfortunately, it all seems to be a bit of a perfect storm of bugs that make for a tough time. The game’s current state makes speedrunning the best approach to your harder campaigns, and melee builds were apparently over-buffed in November’s adjustment patch. Finding a sweet spot that accommodates a multitude of playstyles sounds like a challenge of its own, but Turtle Rock is rebalancing the game to tone down the difficulty of the experience.

My own time with Back 4 Blood is quite limited—it makes me miserably motion sick after lengthy sessions—but I’ve bounced off of it a few times trying to recreate my love for Left 4 Dead. Even as someone who regards themselves as pretty bad at most shooters, I’ve mostly experienced the campaign on Advanced or Expert to make campaigns with friends last longer. After reading Turtle Rock’s update, that seems like the wrong approach for now.