Awesome Games Done Quick Speedrunning Event Announces 2020 Lineup

While it's not the exact schedule, we have the full list of games and runs being done at the annual charity event.

Are you the type of person who takes off the entire week to watch a Games Done Quick event? If so, it’s time to start considering putting in that time, because the first sign of the impending Awesome Games Done Quick 2020 event is here. GDQ has now released the full list of games being played at the AGDQ winter event!

Taking place January 5 to 12 in Orlando, Florida, the annual charity event shows off the best players blasting through their favorite games in as little time as possible. The objective is to raise money for charity; for the winter event, it’ll likely involve the Prevent Cancer Foundation as usual. (The summer one is Doctors Without Borders.) The event has been breaking the $1 million line since AGDQ 2014, and Summer Games Done Quick this year broke the $3 million line for the first time.

Gaming fans around the world tune in to revisit their favorite games — and see them literally broken, much of the time. It’s also the biggest “gateway” event for speedrunning out there. It’s the first time many learn about speedrunning as a whole, or learn that their favorite games have speedrun communities.

There are some really interesting choices for this particular GDQ. Probably the most standout choice is the massive co-op Destiny 2 attempt, with six players attempting the Last Wish raid together. We haven’t seen a co-op speedrun this massive at a GDQ so far, much less any for a shared-instance RPG like Destiny, so it should be fun to see how it goes.

Speedrunner “tomatoangus” (which, on his official channels, is a far more inappropriate handle) is also pulling off a full Fallout anthology run. Based on his runs so far, it’s exactly what it sounds like: every single Fallout game consecutively. He has 2 hours and 5 minutes clocked out, but his record is under 90 minutes.

Games Done Quick photo by Joey Seabaugh

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And, as always, TASBot returns for another few showcases. This year, the showcases include Super Mario Bros 2, Super Mario Bros 3 and Pokemon Blue. Usually these hacks make for some pretty great entertainment, including the commentary from the guys responsible. At SGDQ they had TASBot pull a mesmerizingly fast Tetris run,

The GDQ organization give one more interesting tidbit: the “total runtime,” which clocks in at 249 hours and 16 minutes. If you’re about to run the math on that, that’s over ten days of speedruns, plus 9 hours and 16 minutes. On one hand, most runs do end before the actual estimated time.

On the other, this list actually doesn’t factor in “races,” which are side-by-side speedrun races. It also seems to include a few co-op runs. For instance, there’s the Fallout anthology run, which clocks each game in at 2 hours 5 minutes — that adds 8 hours and 20 minutes to the total time. There’s also a Final Fantasy VIII co-op speedrun that lasts 8 hours and 45 minutes. Of course, minus the fact that the speedrun time itself is impressively long, this adds 17 hours and 30 minutes to the run.

If you’re curious if your favorite games (or speedrunners) made the cut, you can check the full games list on the GDQ website. If you don’t see your favorite game, chances are someone submitted it but didn’t make the cut; after all, there were 1,796 submissions. (Go find them and check them out!)


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