Atlas Prime Warframe Brings a Deadly Companion Cube to Battle ‘Soon’

The latest Prime Warframe, Atlas Prime, has been announced.

My brother has been asking for Atlas Prime in Warframe since he first started playing. He doesn’t even play anymore, but still asks me if his favorite Earth-shattering boxer bro has gotten the platinum treatment. Well, the answer is no. Atlas Prime is not in Warframe yet. He will be soon, though, according to developer Digital Extremes. Atlas Prime was just announced as “coming soon” — along with a number of other Prime Access goodies those willing to shell out real cash can grab.

If you weren’t aware, most of the playable Warframe characters (the titular Warframes) usually have a theme. Sometimes it’s based on an esoteric concept, like gore or ghosts. Other times it’s simpler. Atlas, and by extension Atlas Prime, is a Warframe based on earth and rock. He turns enemies to stone, summons golems, and can block off passageways with cliff walls. He also punches very well. Presumably, Atlas Prime will punch even better with his new and improved mitts.

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The other thing about Atlas, in my opinion, is that he’s… not a very good Warframe. At least he wasn’t the last time I used him regularly. He’s received a pretty massive rework since then. Of course, Prime Warframes also get boosted stats to go with their fancy new duds. And Atlas Prime does look very fancy indeed! Here’s hoping the new model’s stats reflect that cool new look.

Joining Atlas Prime in Warframe is Dethcube Prime. Yep. This is not a joke or a spelling error. That is the name of a companion robot that can accompany you in the game called Warframe. Dethcube is, true to its title, a floating box you can strap guns onto. Just like Atlas Prime, the Dethcube Prime should include better stats under the hood than its non-Prime predecessor.

We don’t know very much more than that, though. At the time of this writing, the Prime Access page — where you can spend real money to buy Prime Warframes — still shows Wukong Prime and its assorted add-ons. You can buy those for between $49.99 and $139.99, of course. Although you need to spend at least at the $79.99 level to get the playable Warframe (plus Prime weapons and some in-game avatars). The same will go for Atlas Prime whenever it actually appears online.

Warframe Atlas Prime Weapons

Atlas Prime Warframe & Weapons Prime Access

That being said, like all other gameplay-relevant equipment in Warframe, you can also acquire Atlas Prime for free.  You just have to farm its parts by doing battle in specific missions with items called Relics. The Atlas Prime pack weapons — Dethcube Prime, Deth Machine Rifle Prime, and Tekko Prime — are accessible in the same way. And you can get those by purchasing Prime Access at any tier.

Prime parts are usually only available for a limited time, however. Atlas Prime and its constituent parts should be around for a good long while. Even so, you probably want to go Relic farming as soon as possible to stock up and prepare for the grind. Eventually the parts will be cycled out — and go for a pretty penny between players. Although Prime parts always cycle back into Warframe, eventually, too.