I’m Ready for Arataki Itto, that Hunky Oni Dude Genshin Impact Players Went Wild Over

miHoYo shared more of Itto off during the version 2.3 livestream.

It’s official, Arataki Itto—a new five-star character in Genshin Impact that drove damn near everyone to show out on Twitter—will arrive in Teyvat with version 2.3, Shadows Amidst Snowstorms. As a fan of this character I have never played, met or held any reasonable connection to, I’m pumped for his debut.

In their usual update livestream, miHoYo detailed new additions coming to Genshin Impact on November 24. The patch includes holiday-themed challenges for Dragonspine, a boss fight with the Golden Wolflord, the usual banner rerun; you’ve got the idea. That’s all secondary to confirming Arataki Itto’s official release window, a character the playerbase got so wound up over he shamed some of the game’s most popular figures and doubled the buzz around their Twitter announcements. No, we haven’t really seen Itto in-game yet, and when miHoYo revealed him, there weren’t many in-depth details about the guy. Instead, the internet just had a picture, a lot of time, and an unquenchable thirst for an oni man wearing an open jacket but no shirt.

Itto is Genshin Impact’s most wanted character—wanted in the sense that he’s a gang leader and wanted in the way he has his own ‘Itto Mains’ subreddit you can’t safely browse at work. It’s a lot. The responses to his reveal over on the official Genshin Impact Twitter were weeks of players replying with “Daddy” and crops of his abs. The version 2.3 trailer from miHoYo provides your first extended look at Itto so you can finally know just who that is the Genshin folks on your feed are thirst-posting over.

Actor Max Mittelman, the voice behind Arataki Itto’s English performance, joined in during the new five-star character’s portion of the Special Program stream and shared a closer look at his kit. In the new footage, we saw that the oni will generate stacks of superlative strength in battle, and he can use those stacks to add more power to his charge attack. He can also sprint and dodge around enemies without interrupting his attacks—perfect for someone bad like me who can never stop moving.

Admittedly, it’s all pretty absurd, but I get the whole phenomenon and absolutely adore it. The same thing happened with Zhongli last year, and he’s become a permanent staple of my party. I’m quite pleased Itto is a Geo user, too. The element spent a good chunk of the game’s early life feeling cheated and largely regarded as undesirable. Now, Geo has Ningguang, Zhongli, and Arataki Itto representing it. Your team may make more sense, it may be more functional, and it could probably kick my team’s ass, but you will never look as good. Sorry.

I’ve planned out my resources and have held onto my Primogems since miHoYo revealed Itto, so I’m ready to add yet another Claymore-wielding character to my party. If you’re caught up on Genshin Impact’s story, there are already a few beats that indicate we may see more involving the horrors of the Vision Hunt Decree and how Itto continued from there. Even if I don’t score him from the banner, I’m still keen on seeing his story through.

Itto won’t be available immediately when patch 2.3 releases on November 24. Instead, he’ll join Genshin Impact as the second banner for the patch cycle, which typically follows a couple of weeks after the update is live. A new four-star character, Gorou, also launches with Itto’s banner as a bow-wielding Geo user.


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