Apparently Watch Dogs: Legion Has An Online Mode Coming In March

London network bridge is falling down

You would be forgiven for forgetting about Watch Dogs: Legion as a whole five months after release, much less its whisper-quiet multiplayer mode. The online play function of the game was not available for its October launch, but publisher Ubisoft said that it would be on its way before too long. Well, wait no longer, because Ubisoft has confirmed that Watch Dogs: Legion’s multiplayer mode is available in just a few weeks on Mar. 9.

If you felt like the game’s open world, a near-future near-dystopian London, was missing something, turns out it was. Legion’s online multiplayer adds four-player co-op with new multiplayer-specific missions designed to involve more than one person. You can also engage in Spiderbot battles using the little robots from the main game, which I imagine is the result of someone on the team being told they need more bullet points for the multiplayer update. Still, though, co-op!

Watch Dogs: Legion was released in 2020 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, but has since added PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S and X versions to its, uh, Legion. If you’re looking to start the game now, check out our tips of nine things the game just doesn’t tell you.