Revenant Is Apex Legends’s Newest Hot Revenge Robot Man

He's handsome. He's brooding. He has a dark past. He's made of metal. He punched a mirror. What more could a lady want from an Apex Legend?

Apex Legends is always introducing spicy new characters into its fray of edgy life and exciting death. Now, Revenant, the newest legend, turns up the heat pretty high. Maybe literally. But at the very least figuratively.

Revenant is yet another robot, joining fellow bot Pathfinder in the fray. Difference is, while Pathfinder is more of a healer, Revenant is a lot more deadly. He’s described as a former assassin looking for blood, meaning he’s got plenty of room for violence.

A few days ago, we weren’t exactly sure that Revenant would actually be the new Legend. He was teased in a “Stories from the Outlands” trailer featuring another character named the Forge. In the video, Forge is interviewed live on television about his aspirations. In literally a “teleports behind you, nothing personnel kid” moment, Revenant murders Forge live on screen.

So if Forge doesn’t die in the game, does his character die IRL? Seems to be the case, since we got Revenant instead. And now, with the new video, we learn that Revenant is a good ol’ emo boy. Or a bad one. Okay, but like, everyone likes bad boys.

Of course, like any good angry boy with a dark backstory, Revenant was a killer. However, it appears that after a particularly messy assassination, he realizes his true nature. Which is, yes, he’s a robot, and he kills, and that makes him angry. Which makes him punch a mirror!

“Revenant was once the greatest hitman the Syndicate ever had,” the video description on Twitter reads. “But when his programming failed, he saw what Hammond Robotics had turned him into. Hammond Robotics’ return to the Outlands has renewed his thirst for vengeance, and he won’t stop until they’re all dead.”

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So I guess the best way for any angry man in a AAA feature to carry out his revenge is… more violence? So that seems to be why he’s joining the battles in the Outlands? Okay well, fun character stories have been Respawn’s strong point, maybe not stringing it together into motives, but at least they’re fun! And all of them are hot!

For the players interested in what Revenant brings to the fray, it looks like we have hints about his capabilities. He’s already shown to be great in close-quarters combat. In one scene, he vanishes in a cloud of smoke and appears again in seconds behind another guard. With a second of rage, he turns lava-hot and starts laying a serious beat-down on everyone around him. And all things — to say, given he survives some gun wounds and pulls a piece of glass out of his neck — he seems like a pretty hefty, healthy type.

So is he a tank? Or is he more about getting some hardcore punches in? Or are those slick moves and robot fingers getting saved for the bedroom? We’ll see when Respawn drops more details about the new playable character.


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