Apex Legends Releases “Voidwalker” Lore Movie Ahead Of Today’s Event

The second "Stories from the Outlands" film focuses on Wraith and presents plenty of interesting lore implications.

Fans who already fawned over Apex Legends’s Wraith for her agility and abilities now have a new reason to love her: her intriguing lore and an entire event around her. In anticipation for the “Voidwalker” event, which centers on the edgy but skilled character, Apex Legends has released lengthy “Stories from the Outlands” film entirely centered on a small fraction of Wraith’s backstory. And if you love action and intrigue, there’s plenty of it to be had.

In the movie, we see Wraith invading a mysterious, nearly laboratory in search for a scientist. As any good action movie goes, she’s caught out by scientists who are in the process of destroying the lab, and she must get away in Wraith fashion. However, when she slips into the void between dimensions in the midst of chaos, she sees a scene play out with another extremely familiar character. Wraith picks up this new acquaintance, and the two must must settle the score and fight their way out of the laboratory.

The previous “Stories from the Outlands” film, “A Father’s Letter,” was far more brief, clocking in at about 90 seconds and mostly focusing on dialogue. However, once all is said and done, this film extends for just over eight minutes. For one, it gives more time for us to understand what’s going on when Wraith jumps between dimensions. Plus, there’s just enough action to be had, but also enough dialogue to establish an emotional connection. All things considered, it goes by pretty quick.

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For those who love Wraith, “Voidwalker” event itself promises plenty of love in return. The outfit Wraith wears in “Voidwalker” will be purchasable for $5, along with some other nifty skins for weapons and other characters. A new area of the map, the former laboratory from the film, will be unlocked, including a portal to enter or leave via skydiving. The event will also introduce the “Armed and Dangerous” game mode, in which weapons are strictly limited to shotguns and snipers, and loot will be decreased. There will also be challenges, XP boosts, new loot, and more.

Fans interested in lore, meanwhile, will be able to salivate over the new implications. The video leaves little question as to whether the old world of Titanfall is connected to Apex Legends. Off the bat, the new movie re-establishes the existence of the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation, or the IMC. The company has withdrawn from the Outlands, the planets at the edge of the galaxy, but their laboratories are still intact. Given the guards are trying to destroy the laboratory, it’s clear these are its final days.

Wraith is already seen wearing a logo for Hammond Engineering, an allied company of the IMC, and she’s pinned in this flick as being from Typhon. More controversially, though, both Wraith and Bloodhound also have the symbols for Titanfall’s “Next Generation Pilots” on their outfits, and their symbols are Generation 10. What this means is, they’ve abandoned their memories and skills ten times in order to re-learn and re-adapt faster. However, we don’t actually know what happens beyond the tenth time. “Voidwalker” may hint at what actually happens after this point.

If you plan on joining in the Wraith-centric fun, the Voidwalker event is set to start off today and continue until September 17th in Apex Legends.

You can watch the Voidwalker lore film via YouTube here:


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