Apex Legends’ New Map Debuts with Season 3 on October 1

Nobody has any idea where we droppin'.

Apex Legends‘ third season begins this Tuesday, October 1, and in addition to another battle pass and an angsty new character, it turns out that Season 3 also has a whole new map waiting in the wings.

The reveal was tucked into today’s Season 3 launch trailer, embedded below, and while said trailer doesn’t actually show any in-game footage of the new map, there’s still a lot that we can infer from it. For one thing, weather effects look like they’re gonna be way more of a Thing™ on the new island, which looks to have a frozen area, a volcano zone, and what seems like a sorta Iceland-y, geyser-y tundra. There’s also a functional train (!!), a metropolitan city center, and a bunch of beautiful, open fields.

That’s all assuming that everything on the real map is as it appears is this extremely stylish cartoon, of course. It’d be pretty lame to show a moving, functional train in the cinematic, and then only have a stationary train in the actual game or something, but hopefully Respawn is smart enough to not make that mistake. As we all know, the internet has no problem voicing its displeasure with Apex Legends-related decisions.

Elsewhere in the trailer, we also get a brief (approximate) look at Season 3’s first new weapon, the Charge Rifle. Every time I’ve had to write about this thing, I’ve brought up the undeniable truth that the center column of the Charge Rifle’s barrel must spin while charging in order for it to be considered a real laser gun. Well folks, the trailer shows that the center barrel does in fact move while charging, but not in a continuously spinning fashion. It is my deep and honest regret to inform you all that, at most, the Charge Rifle is only 60 percent laser gun, based on the information currently available.

This trailer also gives us a look at the interior of the Apex Legends drop jet, as well as few moments of palling around between contestants. They all seem pretty chummy, aside from Crypto, “the new guy,” who takes every opportunity to own Mirage as the trailer progresses. While fun, this glimpse into the legends’ downtime raises a lot of questions for me about the relationship they have with one another, and whether the Apex Games really are as lethal of a blood sport as they seem.

Nobody here seems too worried about dying? Or hesitant even a little bit about murdering someone they were very friendly with minutes prior? It’s weird. It’s a weird tone. I guess it’s canon that people get brought back to life all the time during the Apex Games, so maybe nobody ever really dies — maybe it’s more of a Destiny 2 Crucible situation, where the pain and death are real, but not permanent.

But that still doesn’t account for why everyone in the Apex Games is one of 11 people, even though nearly six times as many players drop onto the island. Are they all clones? If so, why do they have such elaborately decorated and lived-in quarters on the drop ship? And if they all live together, why don’t any of them try and get Caustic to chill on the biological warfare stuff for like a minute? Where do they all poop?


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