Apex Legends Legacy Trailer Unveils New 3v3 Arena Mode

Apex Legends’ ninth season is less than two weeks away and it’s all about showing some sweet, sweet love to Titanfall 2. Dubbed “Legacy,” this season revolves around the latest legend Valkyrie who is the daughter of Titanfall 2 boss, Viper. Initially revealed in an animated short two days ago, Valkyrie is a legend that was data-mined by players quite some time ago. Revolving around using her father’s repurposed Northstar class Titan to launch around the map, Valkyrie is going to be another legend focused on verticality. But this isn’t the only big addition coming to Apex Legends, as the much anticipated Arena mode is finally dropping with Season 9.


Originally teased during the Season 9 reveal trailer, we finally got a detailed look at the new mode. Taking a page from games like CS:GO and Valorant, Arena mode will allow players to purchase weapons, armor, consumables, and even abilities before the start of each round. Players will then battle against an opposing team of three until one squad is completely wiped out. When this happens, players go back to the buy phase and continue until one team achieves victory. Crafting materials are obtained by opening canisters on the map, awarded after a round, killing an enemy, or just saving your money. There are a total of five maps tied to Arena mode, two of which are completely new for this mode while the other three are areas from different maps like Gardens on Olympus.

In addition to this mode, the Season 9 trailer showcased the new legend Valkeryie, who is capable of launching down a firestorm of missiles into a designated arena. She can also hover in the air to gain a height advantage over her opponents or redeploy her entire team as if she was a mobile Jump Tower. This will allow teams to swiftly reposition during a fight, engage in a battle, or maneuver to more advantageous cover.

Players can also try out the new bow, which is a precision weapon that can deal high damage from a distance. However, it can also come with two Hop-ups, both of which will drastically alter how this bow is used. The first is Shatter Caps, which effectively turns the bow into a shotgun, while Deadeye’s Tempo speeds up the draw time when “firing at the optimal pace.” Given this weapon’s versatility, it will be interesting to see if it becomes a meta weapon. There’s a lot of competition right now and I am curious if the bow will use its own ammo type or be classified into Sniper Ammo.

Finally, we got a brief teaser of what Olympus will look like in Season 9. There are a ton of alien vines sprouting all over the map, with the two main areas consumed being Bonzai and Carrier. Respawn Entertainment hasn’t shared the full details on their map changes, but hopefully, some problem areas like Hammond got a slight rework to make it less oppressive.

Apex Legends Season 9 launches on May 4 for all systems.


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