Apex Legends Halloween Event Starts Oct. 15 with $160 Lifeline Heirloom Set

It's a graveyard smash.

Zombies are coming to Kings Canyon next Tuesday, October 15, when Apex Legends‘ Fight or Fright event kicks off the post-capitalist Halloween season. The event runs through November 5 and introduces a new limited-time mode called “Shadowfall,” a handful of free event-exclusive cosmetics that can be earned through challenges, and 24 new event-exclusive “premium” cosmetic items, which, when fully acquired, grant access to a new Heirloom item for Lifeline, the kawaii medic.

If this sounds familiar, it’s because Fight or Fright is a “Collection Event,” which is the same kind of event that got Everybody Mad™ about a $170 axe. To its credit, Respawn Entertainment is quick to point out the event’s status in its announcement, but I doubt that will do a great deal to assuage the teeming masses, especially since it’s only been two months since the last time.

Shadowfall, the new LTM, is a survival zombie mode in which 35 players drop onto a nighttime version of Kings Canyon. Players become zombies when eliminated through normal Apex Games methods, losing their class abilities and weapons while gaining increased movement speed, a wall climb, and stronger melee strikes. Once the pool of players has been whittled down to 10 alive people and 25 not alive people, the remaining living players become a team and must reach an evacuation ship before getting torn to shreds by the zombie mob. Neat!

Most of the Event Challenges require participation in Shadowfall, especially to receive the two new legendary weapon skins, seen below. Completing 20 daily challenges unlocks the scarecrow-themed “Haymaker” skin for the Alternator SMG (left), while the “Nocturnal Elegance” skin for Devotion (right) asks that you simply win Shadowfall as both a living player and a zombie. (Not at the same time, obviously.) Other challenge rewards include a new, undisclosed skin for Octane, a “Ghostly Graveyard” skin for the R301, and some badges for killing increasing numbers of zombies in Shadowfall.

As for Fight or Fright’s premium cosmetic items, Respawn seems to have learned at least part of the lesson it was taught during The $170 Axe Thing™. Premium event items can be purchased directly using Apex Coins (the game’s real-money currency), or with crafting materials — Legendary items cost 1,800 Apex Coins/2,400 materials, while Epic items cost 1,000 Apex Coins/800 materials. It’s really weird that Epic items would cost fewer materials than Coins, but Legendary items would cost way more materials than Coins, but I’m not the EA economist whose job it is to come up with all this stuff, so what do I know?

Well, I know that you can also buy Fight or Fright loot boxes for 700 Apex Coins, which are guaranteed to have a single event item and two non-event items, with no duplicates. This means that you can, potentially, receive the item you want for less than the direct purchase price, if you’re willing to risk the money to find out. And unlike the Iron Crown event, which granted two event loot boxes for free through challenges, it looks like Fight or Fright loot boxes can only be purchased with Apex Coins.

Still, if you’re going to spend the cash to acquire Lifeline’s Heirloom item, which is reportedly another melee weapon skin in a total repeat of The $170 Axe Thing™, you’ll have to acquire all 24 items anyway, so spending 700 Coins per item is a huge cash savings over 1,800 Coins per item. That’s still a grand total of 16,800 Apex Coins though, which is at least $160 worth of premium currency, assuming that you buy Apex Coins in the largest amounts possible.

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