Apex Legends Continues to Cater to My Interests With Next Week’s New Season

November 4 marks the start of Season 07.

I don’t play Apex Legends every day, but it is still the only battle royale that’s managed to keep my attention. It’s never too long before I can no longer resist the temptation to come back. But with all the great releases in 2020, it’s been some time since I last played it, so it seems eager to cater to my interests — tragic backstories, mom characters, and pretty environments, for the record — and bring me back with all it has revealed this past week for Ascension, the game’s seventh season. There’s so much in store that it’s hard not to get excited even as a casual Apex Legends player, so let’s go over what we know.

First things first: we’re getting a new legend. Her name is Horizon, a “brilliant astrophysicist who escaped a black hole and aims to use her newfound mastery of gravity to keep a promise.”

Nearly a century ago, Horizon — known as Dr. Mary Somers — was hired to solve a cataclysmic energy crisis. To save everyone, including her beloved son, she had to leave her world of Olympus and travel to faraway lands to find certain crystals. Before leaving on her adventure, she made a promise to her son that they would be reunited soon. And so she went off to save the universe, accomplishing her mission of obtaining branthium crystals.

However, she was betrayed and left in space. 87 Olympus years have passed and she has not returned to her home— until now. Luckily for players, we’ll be able to navigate the gorgeous vistas of Olympus very soon since it’s the brand new map.

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According to the official Apex Legends website, Olympus “was a city built on dreams. A utopia floating in clouds above Psamathe … a place where the brightest minds in the Outlands could gather and exchange ideas, leading to breakthroughs in the sciences and arts. However, all dreams come to an end, and this one ended explosively: an accident in an experimental research facility led to the creation of the Phase Rift (a massive bubble of Phase energy), and the Outlands’ best and brightest quickly abandoned the city.”

Olympus has been maintained by advanced computer systems, which made it attractive for new buyers in the Outlands’ elite. It was a lavish vacation spot for 40 years, with the Phase Rift serving as a primary tourist attraction. However, it grew unstable over time, causing Olympus inhabitants to evacuate six months ago. Now Hammond Robotics, with the support of the Mercenary Syndicate, has transformed Olympus into a new stage for the Apex Games for reasons yet unknown.

And you know what? I’m okay with not knowing those reasons for now. Why wouldn’t you want to have the Apex Games happen in a place as stunning as this map? Every frame you see of it is saturated, vibrant, and gorgeous. It’s also enormous, so you’ll be able to cover ground faster with the Trident — the first Apex Legends vehicle. Worry not, for it can fit your whole squad inside. It’s not just for driving, though; for example, it seems you’ll be able to mount Rampart’s minigun on the hull to create some unique gameplay spectacles and opportunities.

The season will also introduce Clubs, a social feature that lets you build a community of like-minded players for matches. You can customize the logo and tag, with more customizable aspects surely on the way. The Ascension battle pass will contain “over 100 exclusive items including legendary skins, Apex Packs, Holo-Sprays, and more.” We can already see Wraith sporting a new skin in the gameplay trailer, which you can watch below.

Ascension will begin on Nov. 4. Apex Legends is now playable on PC (Origin), PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Cross-play between all systems has been available as of Oct. 6. Nov. 4 will also mark the game’s release on Steam.