Potential New Apex Legends Character Leaks Ahead of Season 3

Hold on, I think I have some JB Weld.

The next Apex Legends character may be a fashion-wise hacker, if images purportedly leaked from Gamestop’s GME 2019 management conference are to be believed. As seen below, the new dude sports a wicked cyberpunk jacket and at least five necklaces, along with a mechanical chinstrap and more buckles than you can shake a Bluetooth dongle at. He also has what appears to be a drone hovering over his left shoulder, which implies some sort of surveillance or reconnaissance special abilities.

Unfortunately, there was no context provided with this image (or any of the others), which appeared early this morning on Reddit. While the community has taken to calling this new hero “Crypto” based on some files that were data-mined previously, the slide shown at GME 2019 has him in front of what is (probably) the word “SEASON,” so his actual name is still unknown. (Unless his actual name is “Season,” which, hell y’all, maybe?)

We’ll find out either way soon enough, as Apex Legends Season 3 should start sometime around the beginning of October — developer Respawn Entertainment said in a blog post today that all season launches will be accompanied by the debut of a new character. Players can also expect a “major map update,” as well as “loot items (weapons, ordnances, etc.), meaty changes to the Legend and weapon meta and balance, updates to our Ranked mode, and potentially new features.” And of course, each new Season heralds the arrival of a new Battle Pass.

Season 3 may also introduce the Charge Rifle, seen below. It’s difficult to tell what this thing is supposed to do from the leaked image alone, but it definitely looks like a weapon that uses energy ammo. Even though Respawn looks to be making a big deal out of it, it’s hard to know whether this will be a new staple firearm for popular drop zones, or a more coveted, game-changing acquisition. (As an aside, I really hope that thing around the barrel spins while the gun charges up a shot or something, it looks like it should do that.) A Halloween skin for Gibraltar was also shown off during the presentation, but it’s unclear if it will be available on its own, or as part of Season 3’s Battle Pass.

This was a Gamestop conference though, so physical media had to make an appearance at some point. Boxed editions of Apex Legends look to be in the cards for sometime in the future, and if they’re anything like boxed editions of other free-to-play games, they’ll probably come with some premium currency and an exclusive skin or two. Boxes for “Lifeline Edition” and “Bloodhound Edition” can be seen in the image above, but whether these products are final or just mock-ups remains to be seen. Just don’t hold your breath for a physical disc containing actual Apex Legends code or anything; physical PC releases in 2019 are just codes printed on shiny slips of paper, whether we like it or not.

Respawn has yet to comment on today’s leak, which is to be expected. These slides weren’t shown to fans, after all, but rather Gamestop employees that “hold a Store Leader, Store Leader Mentor, [or] Field Leadership position,” according to the event’s FAQ. Business conferences like these are typically under strict NDA, especially when companies as big as EA are on site with unannounced products.


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