Anime-Action Game Scarlet Nexus Releases this June

I'll meet you at the combination Control-Astral Chain.

Scarlet Nexus, a new game from Bandai-Namco’s ouevre of original IP but heavily anime-stylized action games like God Eater and Code Vein, has both a new trailer and a release date. The title was first revealed last year at Microsoft’s Xbox Series S|X third-party reveal conference, but got a June 25 release date today, marking almost exactly one year since it was first shown. The game will land on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S|X, and PC on release.

Check out the trailer below.

The trailer focuses on one of the two game’s protagonists, Kasane, who has the telepathic ability to fling things around. I’m reminded quite a bit of Control, but I don’t think the timelines match up well enough for it to be a direct influence.

I’d argue the trailer is confusing (which it is), but I’ll also speak from experience when I say that’s usually because the worlds in the aforementioned Bandai-Namco anime set are surprisingly creative and thought-out. I don’t always think they’re good, necessarily, but I think they absolutely betray the limitations of a short trailer’s ability to explain them concisely.

But that’s what transmedia properties are for, too, as Scarlet Nexus will also be getting its own anime sometime this Summer. The trailer for that is below.

I dug Code Vein and God Eater 3, but not enough to finish either game. I feel like Scarlet Nexus could be the game that breaks through for me, so I’m definitely jazzed to give it a shot. Not much interest in the anime, though.


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