Animal Crossing Adds Cheese Rolling and Very Little Else

But who cares, cheese rolling.

So, according to Wikipedia, Cheese Rolling is part of an annual event held in the UK at Cooper’s Hill, wherein people run down a steep hill chasing after a rolling wheel of cheese and inevitably tumble down most of the way. It is not, like I thought, about racing wheels cheese down hills. I mention this because Nintendo’s upcoming Animal Crossing seasonal event features Cheese Rolling and that might somehow be the most exciting part of the Spring update.

According to Nintendo, the next update to the wildly successful New Horizons one year after its release comes in just a few days on April 28.

As the Twitter account says, seasonal events from last year are returning, including the maze-focused May Day, Wedding Season, etc. There are new twists, like Museum Day having access to more wings of the museum than it did last year, but they largely appear to be the same things as last year. Which, they’re seasonal events, so that makes some sense.

That said, I wonder to what extent COVID has wrecked Animal Crossing: New Horizon’s long term plans, because the twists and new content this season both feel somewhat lacking. It’s impossible to know what a Spring 2021 update to a game that sold 30 million copies would have looked like in an alternate universe, but hopefully this keeps people still playing the game happy.