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An Exotic Mission Rotator is Coming to Destiny 2 in Season 22

A new State of the Game blog post for Destiny 2 has just dropped and it highlights a bunch of significant changes coming to the game throughout the year. Along with changes to weapon crafting, seasonal rewards, and tuning the challenge in-game, Bungie will finally let players relive some of the best missions in the game’s history. As confirmed by game director Joe Blackburn, an exotic mission rotator will come to Destiny 2 when Season 22 launches later this year.

This means that players can replay Vox Obscura, Presage, and Operation: Seraph’s Shield. I also assume this includes any future seasonal exotic missions that will release between Season of Defiance (Season 20) and Season 22. The missions will rotate weekly, similar to how legacy raids and dungeons operate now. It’s unclear if this will actually unlock the exotics tied to those missions, but Bungie did state that this rotator will “offer great rewards” to those to decide to play these levels again.

Along with these changes, Destiny 2’s strikes and Battlegrounds will also be getting updated. Both the Lake of Shadows and Arms Dealer will be “re-imagined and upgraded” to make them more relevant to the current meta and player Power level. Largely considered the easiest strikes in the entire game, it’s great to see these missions get tweaked so they provide a more challenging and engaging experience. We also know that The Inverted Spire and Exodus Crash strikes will not appear as frequently in the Vanguard Ops playlist and will be outright removed in Nightfall rotations.

Battlegrounds from Seasons 16 and 19 will also be added to the Vanguard Ops playlist along with a few select Battlegrounds as Nightfalls. Given how jam-packed with enemies these missions usually are, we expect these to be some of the toughest Grandmaster-tier activities in the game. When Season of Defiance launches four of the six Nightfalls will either be new or updated. Meaning, players can expect at least two new strikes when the Lightfall expansion launches later this month.

The exotic mission rotator will go live when Season 22 launches in Destiny 2.

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