An Ex-PlayStation Employee is Suing the Company for Gender Discrimination

The former IT security analyst is claiming she was terminated after she spoke out.

Sony is facing a lawsuit from a former employee alleging gender discrimination and wrongful termination following her speaking out and reporting issues of harassment within the company.

The lawsuit [first published by Axios] says Emma Majo, a former IT security analyst at PlayStation, is looking for court approval to pursue a class-action lawsuit representing women at PlayStation who have faced discrimination within Sony in the past four years. The document claims that male and female employees at Sony have faced differential treatment and Sony has failed to respond adequately to evidence and complaints of such.

“Sony discriminates against female employees, including those who are female and those who identify as female, in compensation and promotion and subjects them to a work culture predominated by men.”

Further, Majo says she was terminated following the submission of a signed statement detailing the gender bias she had experienced at Sony. The termination notification she received was said to be part of the elimination of a certain department, but Majo wasn’t part of the department that was being dissolved.

The lawsuit follows extensive sagas at Activision-Blizzard and Ubisoft, where employees have been pushing for change within their own companies regarding workplace harassment and discrimination. Notably, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan recently sent an internal email to the company regarding the state of Activision-Blizzard saying he was “disheartened and frankly stunned,” by reports on the matter.

We’ve reached out to Sony for comment on the situation and will update the story as needed.