Among Us Fans Are Documenting Possible Changes

Accessibility improvements, new game settings, and more might be on the table.

InnerSloth’s Among Us has been the sleeper hit of the summer, to the point where the devs decided to cancel its upcoming sequel to focus on improving the first. It’s no surprise then, that changes are on the horizon, but we’ve yet to see any official patch notes. Instead, fans are tracking changes they’ve found in the latest beta branch update. 

So far, some of these changes include giving the wires in electrical boxes different shapes, instead of just different colors, to make the game more accessible for color blind players. So far, colorblind players have had a mixed reaction, with the top comment on one post reading, “The colorblind support for wires is great but…I need help with the crew colors.” Baby steps, I guess.

 Hosts will also be getting more options to customize games, like turning on anonymous voting, and keeping the taskbar hidden at certain times. In theory, implementing either of these settings could make it easy for an Imposter to escape detection, but hey, maybe you have a taste for danger. 

Currently, the beta is only available on PC, so you’ll have to play there if you want to mess around with any of these changes while ruining your relationships. Waiting might be in your best interest anyway, since even more changes appear to be on the way, like guardian angels.

Players have complained that playing as a ghost is boring, so to fix that, InnerSloth has been weighing options for the best possible solution. In an interview on Twitch, the devs agreed that playing as a ghost needs a bit more razzle dazzle and that they’ve been trying to tweak ghost roles, including having them become guardian angels. While they didn’t give any further info on what that might look like, it does give credence to the notion that more changes are coming.