After 13 Years, The World Ends With You is Finally Getting a Sequel

The RPG will come to PS4 and Switch next year.

The first The World Ends With You game launched on the Nintendo DS way back in 2007, and has since seen a bit of a resurgence in popularity and promotion in the past few years, with not only a Switch port launching in 2018, but the recent announcement of an animated adaptation set to air in April of next year. Well it turns out that wasn’t all just for a quick, nostalgic revival for a much-beloved (if, at times, overshadowed by other Square-Enix properties) RPG, as Square-Enix has finally announced a sequel to the game that will be coming to PlayStation 4 and Switch in 2021 called Neo: The World Ends With You.

Unlike the first game, Neo: The World Ends With You will be completely in 3D, but will still keep much of the same aesthetic and style that was found in the 2D original. Players will travel around its recreation of Shibuya with a brand new cast of characters battling monsters and taking part in visual novel style dialogue segments along the way. Check out the first trailer below:

While it’s not technically going to be a PlayStation 5 game, if the supply and demand situation is under control by 2021 and you manage to get your hands on the new system, you’ll still be able to play Neo: The World Ends With You on your PS5 thanks to the system’s backwards compatibility. Since the PS5 can still play PS4 games, a lot of companies will likely take this route in releasing new games on the old hardware, as owners of both systems will still be able to play it regardless of which one they have. And as stylish as it looks, Neo: The World Ends With You doesn’t look like it would need PS5’s power to run smoothly, so there’s not much need to release it exclusively on the fancy new box. Even console manufacturers are recognizing this, as first-party games like Halo Infinite and Horizon: Forbidden West are both being made available on new and old consoles. Sony may even be planning this for more upcoming games, as the company isn’t saying outright whether or not the sequel to 2018’s God of War is coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 or just the new console that launched earlier this month.

In other news:

The announcement of a new game wasn’t the only The World Ends With You news for the day, as we also saw another look at the upcoming anime adaptation set to air in April. Hopefully it fares better than other anime adaptations for video games that have struggled to emulate the games’ stories due to the time constraints of anime. Persona 5: The Animation was a recent victim of this, as the show struggled with pacing issues due to trying to fit a 100-hour game into 28 episodes.