Aeon Must Die Devs Unveil New Game After Leaving to Form Their Own Studio

Mishura Games is made up of devs who left Limestone Games after poor work condition allegations.

Last year, a group of developers at Limestone Games were part of a mass exodus from the company due to allegations of poor working conditions. When information on the situation was made public, publisher Focus Home responded by saying it was unaware of the issue, despite evidence of the contrary. Earlier this year, Aeon Must Die, the game the Limestone developers were working on when these issues arose, resurfaced. Focus Home claimed it had been part of independent investigations that said the ex-employees’ claims were unfounded, but those developers claimed they had not been part of any of the said investigations, and their issues were still going unaddressed. While Aeon Must Die is still in development at Limestone, the ex-employees have founded their own studio, Mishura Games, and have released the first trailer for the team’s debut project Immortal: And The Death That Follows.

In other news:

Immortal, which is in development for PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Switch, is projected to enter early access in 2023, with the finished product scheduled for 2025. It’s a rogue-like beat-em-up, which the studio calls “equal parts Mario and Mortal Kombat.”  The first trailer, which you can check out below, looks pretty slick and stylish.

The game’s story synopsis reads as follows:

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
Fudo, the King of Wisdom and former warden of Buddha’s prison camp for demigods will learn humility as he is incarcerated with the rest for his betrayal of truth. The former villain would have to use both his brawn and leadership skills to reunite the Asuras to escape the Titan Realm and its creator’s tyrannical regime. But with everyone in the prison wanting a piece of their former warden – it will not be easy. You are Fudo’s only chance at redemption, having the ability to influence his choices. The last spark of humanity trapped in his vile corrupted soul. Will you succumb to the Wisdom King’s power and take the easy way out or fight for freedom until the very end?

Mishura Games plans to release a demo for Immortal sometime in 2022.


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