Animal Crossing Is Bringing Black Friday Sales To Your Island

Is there also a Cyber Nook Monday?

Animal Crossing: New Horizons taps into that warm and fuzzy side of everyone that likes gift-giving, decorating, and spending time with friends. It’s also got a ruthless raccoon debt collector and an upcoming tribute to the most hellish time of the year, Black Friday, but this is one you can at least do from home.

Nintendo Life first reported the aptly named Nook Friday event after the latest Animal Crossing version 2.0 update went live, and you can still confirm it for yourself if you give in to time traveling. If you’re playing by the rules and waiting, your Nook Friday begins soon on November 26—the same day everyone in the US crowds into retail stores for discounts on things already marked up. It runs until Tuesday, November 30, so perhaps that means Tom Nook does not recognize another retail tradition, Cyber Monday.

Nook Friday takes 30 percent off items in Timmy and Tommy’s store, resulting in big savings on some of those premium pieces if you’re looking to decorate and still pay off their uncle. For those of us with no time-traveling shame—it doesn’t matter if you reset those days over and over, you’ll always get the same discounted items in your shop. That means you’ll be flying over to visit friends if they’ve got something at a bargain you’re chasing (and also assuming they’re willing to part with the discount, too). Please, I can’t afford 260,000 Bells for a grand piano, so invite me over.

That aforementioned update just dropped early on November 3, a surprising two days before Nintendo said it would deliver version 2.0. Everyone gets parts of the new content for free—that’s stuff like Brewster’s Cafe, new items, hairstyles, clothing, events, etc—and there’s a whole other paid DLC update, too. If you’ve got Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack then you’re covered and can go ahead and grab the new add-on, otherwise, Happy Home Paradise is $24.99. The paid update lets you decorate vacation homes, but I can’t even tackle my lonely in-game home, so I’ll pass.

Black Friday has always sucked, but there’s more reason to avoid it now since it’s not safe to be out in crowded aisles during a pandemic. If I’m keeping my day limited to Animal Crossing, I’ll probably participate in a little Black Friday shopping for the first time in ages. The new update also just sent my personal New Horizons shopping list into an unwieldy novel’s worth of stuff.

As for Nook Friday’s availability, those events are covered in Nintendo’s freebies. It’s a newcomer to the lineup of celebrations for your island adventures, and it sounds like it’ll be among the last. During Nintendo’s last New Horizons showcase, the developer said it’s done adding new content to Animal Crossing. You can still return and experience some of those old festivities as you would in any year, but soon enough it’s back to waiting for Nintendo to create a new game that uses your 400+ amiibo cards.