Abandoned Developers Beg People to Please Stop Sending Death Threats

Blue Box Game Studios reckons with the conspiracy theory surrounding their game.

It feels like a long time ago that Blue Box Game studios, the developers of upcoming PlayStation 5 horror game Abandoned, became embroiled in an entirely made up conspiracy about being a secret Silent Hill game lead by local crazyman Hideo Kojima. After repeated denials, and then hints toward the conspiracy, and then further denials, the ebb and flow of the theory more or less waned to a thin line of ridiculous Don Quixote-style believers left and the overall conversation about it stopped.

But those believers didn’t go away just because people stopped talking about it. According to Blue Box, they’ve only gotten worse.

In a tweet posted last night that disallowed replies, Blue Box wrote “The following message is not addressed as a company, but as a group of human beings. The last few day’s [sic] have been difficult. Death threats are increasing online but unfortunately also physically and this has to stop.”

The letter continues on in this vein, explaining that current employees have received death threats, but that it’s also a concern for future recruiting as well. Blue Box also acknowledges that they had a hand in the creation of this negative situation, but they do not understand how this escalated to death threads.

It’s unclear what prompted, as much as anything can prompt, these death threats. Recent reporting suggests Kojima is working on a new Silent Hill game, which may have pushed some people to yell at Blue Box again, but honestly who knows. The kind of people that send death threats over video games aren’t governed by logic, really.


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