A Second Ubisoft Forward Presentation is Coming, Accountability To Be Determined

Will the company acknowledge its various controversies this time?

Ubisoft has announced that it’s holding a second Ubisoft Forward digital presentation later this month, and the teaser video the company released hints at the line-up of games it will be showing off when it takes places.

The event will go down on September 10, and will begin with an hour-long pre-show at 11 a.m. Pacific, with the full presentation following at noon. Based on the line-up reveal trailer, it appears that this will be the point where Gods & Monsters gets a proper re-reveal where it will be shown off under its possible new name: Immortals: Fenyx Rising.

Along with Immortals, the trailer also hints at new looks at Watch Dogs: LegionHyper Scape, and Rainbow Six: Siege. It’s worth noting a few of Ubisoft’s biggest games, including Far Cry 6 and Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla aren’t seen in the video, so we shouldn’t expect to see anything from those games in this particular showcase. There might still be some surprises, however, as there could be unannounced games that are going to show up that they wouldn’t want to show in the trailer beforehand. Or maybe even a look at other projects within the company like the Splinter Cell Netflix series, but hopefully they’ll lead with the fact that it’s for the show so no one gets excited for a new game.

Check out the full trailer below:

In other news:

What remains to be seen, however, is whether or not Ubisoft will come up with an excuse to not acknowledge the litany of controversies that have been coming out around the company both before and since the last Ubisoft Forward event. The first of these presentations took place at the end of July, just as the company was dealing with multiple harassment allegations in its ranks, and instead of acknowledging these issues on the stream, Ubisoft released a statement on Twitter that basically boiled down to no one wanting to add a clip of someone acknowledging how deep this went through the company’s DNA because the event had already been pre-recorded. Which, as anyone who edits video can tell you, would have been an hour of work tops for the bare minimum of putting CEO Yves Guillemot in front of a camera to speak on these, and the company had already had several days to do anything.

Since then, the company has come under fire for appropriating Black Lives Matter imagery and just being extremely, extremely pro-fascism with its opening cinematic for Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad. And that’s not even counting the fact that the company still hasn’t acknowledged the harassment allegations, which are emblematic of a male-driven culture at the company and have even bled into the development of games like the Assassin’s Creed series.

Ultimately, there’s no reasonable excuse, and if Ubisoft is actually dedicated to holding those in power at the company accountable, we’ll have to see it acknowledged without even an ounce of ambiguity.