A New Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Trailer is Launching at the Ass Crack of Dawn Tomorrow

Rise and shine, Pokemon trainers.

Wow, I was just thinking last night about how my mental health is hanging by a thread, and that thread is Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s release later this year. It looks like Nintendo and Game Freak heard my cries, because they decided to give me a few more drops of serotonin with a new trailer for the Switch games is coming tomorrow.

News of this was posted on the Pokemon social channels, which said a new trailer for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will drop tomorrow, June 1, at 6 a.m. Pacific Time. So, all you early birds in the US will get to see more of the next generation of Pokemon coming to Switch this year right as it’s posted to the Pokemon YouTube channel. Scarlet & Violet were announced back in February during Pokemon Day, which showed an extensive trailer of what was described as an evolution of the series’ recent open-world systems in games like Pokemon Legends: Arceus, and Pokemon Sword & Shield’s Wild Area. It also included the first look at the games’ starter Pokemon: Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly, pictured above.

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It’s been a busy year for Pokemon fans, as the franchise just wrapped up its 25th anniversary last year, and the festivities have bled into 2022. Between Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl’s launch last year, Pokemon Legends: Arceus coming to Switch back in January, and now Scarlet & Violet being imminent, Pokemon has been putting games out at a pretty rapid rate. Perhaps, too rapid, for some.  And that’s not even counting the launch of Pokemon Unite and other projects in the past year. What remains to be seen is if Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s launch means we won’t be seeing any more updates or DLC for Pokemon Legends: Arceus. That would break my heart considering the threads yet to be tied up in that game.