A Month After Release, Marvel’s Avengers Has an Average of 2,000 PC Players

The Head of Studio releases a statement going over plans to entice players to return to the superhero game.

Despite coming out a little over a month ago, the number of PC players for Marvel’s Avengers dipped below 1,000 this week. As of the time of this article’s writing, the superhero game has an average of a mere 2,000 PC players.

As Fanbyte’s Managing Editor Steven Strom has expressed, Avengers has a great single-player story campaign that focuses on the widely beloved Kamala Khan, a.k.a. Ms. Marvel. However, they found the loot of the game to leave much to be desired. It’s how much of the game’s community has felt in the weeks since its release, leading to a fast decrease in the number of players and subsequent problems with matchmaking.

These numbers have prompted the head of studio Crystal Dynamics to release a statement in which he expresses that he’s confident players will return after the game’s currently planned updates.

The statement, written by Scot Amos and sent to Kotaku, assures that the community’s concerns, feedback, and suggestions are constantly fielded by the community management team. Fixes, improvements, and additions to the game are being made “as fast as we safely can” in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Among those content additions will be, “a totally new War Zone mission type called Tachyon Rifts, a new Outpost that’s a jumping off point for new story missions in the future, and AIM’s Cloning Lab, which requires a coordinated high-level group of four players to beat with new top-end loot rewards for finishing it.” Each update will also include technical improvements, like bug fixing and tuning, to improve the player experience.

“In addition, we’ve announced two new Heroes coming in the near future: Kate Bishop in Operation: Taking AIM, and after that the double-feature Operation starring Clint Barton… this is the ‘two Hawkeyes’ we mentioned in the last War Table,” writes Amos. “These new Operations pick up right from where the main Reassemble campaign ended in the core game and will propel the overall world story forward with new mysteries and villains, as well as new multi-player content.”

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Kate Bishop and Clint Barton will eventually be joined by Spider-Man and Black Panther. Spider-Man will be a free DLC exclusively for PlayStation players in early 2021, while Black Panther will be coming at some point. This was confirmed during the game’s launch week War Table presentation, where the announcement was initially planned to be revealed. It was then postponed due to the tragic passing of Chadwick Boseman, who played the role of King T’Challa in the 2018 movie.

Lastly, the team will address issues pertaining to overall game balance, like “loot distribution” and the “quality of life features everyone is clamoring for to improve our day-to-day experience from accessibility to co-op communication tools to balancing the economy!” As a result of these improvements, Amos is confident that PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One characters will return to the game.

“We’ll have more information and details about the very near content drops in a blog scheduled for next week and we have new community communication initiatives coming soon to even more directly share fun and useful information with you,” he says.

Source: Steam Charts

As of the writing of this article, Avengers has a mixed rating on Steam with over 9,000 reviews. While the task of turning these numbers and opinions around isn’t impossible, it will require the team to do significant optimization and release much more compelling new content. Avengers seems to already be in a similar situation to Anthem, which was announced earlier this year to undergo a massive rework.