A Bunch of Backwards Compatible Xbox Games Now Run at Higher Framerates

The total is now up to 97.

Framerate is a weird thing. I think most people will notice it, but most just won’t care about the difference between 60 and 30. Not me, I’m tuned to framerate differences like the game is my child, but I assume a vast majority of players only really notice bad dips and not like major differences between good and great.

That’s why the Xbox Series X FPS boost work is so impressive to me, because it’s made for weirdos like me who really want to play older games at a higher framerate but do not necessarily want to play them on PC or games that never really supported super high framerates on PC. Today, Xbox announced a number of bangers to their FPS boost list, bringing the total number up to 97 games that benefit from it.

These titles include Yakuza 6: The Song of Life, which is boosted to 60 FPS, or Hollow Knight, which gets a ridiculous boost to 120 FPS. Hell, pretty much every LEGO game under the sun is now playable at 60 Р120 FPS depending on the game. You can find a full list of every game that supports it (as well as instructions on how to turn it on) on this Xbox site here.

If you’re someone who doesn’t care about framerate, this takes nothing away from you! If you’re someone who does, this is pretty cool! If you don’t know what framerate is, I’m not sure how to help you, maybe Google that or something!


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