30 Musicians Unite to Remix the Mii Channel Theme, and It’s a Total Bop

It's the theme that keeps on giving.

There’s a very small chance you haven’t heard it: the famous Mii Channel theme. Whether it’s through your own Wii menu or through some random video on stan Twitter, its legacy is indisputable. And, in 2021, it still keeps on giving — with the latest version being a remix consisting of over 30 musicians.

The remix was orchestrated by Alex Moukala, a music producer and composer. While much of his work is found in trailers for Hollywood movies, on the internet he’s most well-known for his outstanding analysis of songs from Final Fantasy, Persona, and many other series on his YouTube channel.

One of his signature projects is uploading funky renditions of popular video game songs on Twitter. On Feb. 22, 2021, he uploaded a solo funky version of the Mii Channel music. This catapulted the beginning of the #MiiChannelJam, for which various musicians participated with their own renditions on Twitter. You can see many of their contributions added to Moukala’s thread.

“I think this would sound even better with more instruments, so I invite any musician to join me and post their take with a #MiiChannelJam hashtag,” he tweeted.

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Now, a few weeks later, Moukala has released what he mentioned he would start working on at the time: a super-cut compilation featuring as many musicians who participated in the jam as possible. It’s a beautiful mix of instruments and vocals; it’s also certifiably a bop. The original version of the Mii Channel theme, composed by Kazumi Totaka, is great enough on its own — but to hear it covered in so many different styles and mediums is a treat. You need to listen to it to believe it.

“What I love especially about this jam is that it’s the representation of what happens when different cultures embrace each other,” wrote Moukala in the thread. “I’d love to see that even more on a global scale, a world where we celebrate each other and let our differences pull us together rather than apart!”

Each participant is credited in the thread, so be sure to check out all these talented musicians. It’s a nice reminder that the internet can — and often does — come together to create something that is objectively good and fun.


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