2020’s Multiplayer Superhits Collide: There Are Fall Guys Among Us

The new costumes will apparently have some mystery additional feature.

Fall Guys and Among Us were two surprise multiplayer hits last year. One of which wasn’t even released last year, but just saw a massive resurgence during the coronavirus pandemic. Well now those two games are coming together in an official crossover: Among Us costumes are coming to Fall Guys.

The new outfits come as part of Fall Guys’ fourth season, which is set to begin next week on March 22. According to a report from IGN, developer Mediatonic is hinting these costumes will feature “something unique” compared to other cosmetic items already in the game, but didn’t give much in the way of specifics. Nothing beyond saying the tease featured in the Season 4 trailer, which hints at an “impostor” remaining could be considered a warning for players. Costumes have been strictly cosmetic for Fall Guys up to this point. So whatever’s going on, it will be a first for the game.

The costume seen in the trailer is of a red player character from Among Us, but Mediatonic also implied to IGN more are coming that will also contain some hidden feature for players to discover when they arrive. The red Among Us costume will be available on the first day of Fall Guys’ fourth season.

In other news:

News of this comes just two weeks after Mediatonic was acquired by Epic Games. Normally this kind of merger would be a precursor for some more high profile crossover content, but Fall Guys was getting Half-Life skins right out the gate. So Mediatonic wasn’t struggling on that front before the acquisition. Beyond Among Us and Half-LifeFall Guys has also had crossover skins with series like Cuphead and Sonic the Hedgehog. As long as we don’t have to have a skin of what the inside of a Fall Guy looks like.


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