18-Year-Old Morrowind Mod Adds New Region, Over 60 Quests, And More

Tamriel Rebuilt, the ambitious modding project started in 2001, added a new region to The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind with loads of new content.

If you’re an old-school Elder Scrolls fan, you may have your eyes on the Tamriel Rebuilt mod — it is, after all, one of the oldest-running gaming mods out there. Now, the team has released yet another expansion to it, introducing the region of Aanthrin, with new quests and lands to explore. Doesn’t sound bad for a 18-year-old mod, huh? [UPDATE: This piece previously incorrectly described this mod with an incorrect founding date and founder.]

Wait, what did you just read? No, we’re serious. This is a 18-year-old mod for a smiliarly-old game. And it’s still producing massive updates for Elder Scrolls: Morrowind loyalists, or those who just love the Elder Scrolls series.

The Tamriel Rebuilt mod was originally started as a project to add the original mainland of Tamriel into the Morrowind game. As a reminder, the original only included the island of Vvardenfell. The northern island is a mere part of the greater Morrowind region.

Allegedly, the Tamriel region and much of the mainland further were meant to be part of the original Morrowind game. However, technical and time constraints brought down the content “budget,” per se, and it was left out. Hence, Tamriel Rebuilt.

Obviously, it’s a pretty ambitious project! But they’ve kept at it for over 18 years. It’s been trucking since 2001, after the Morrowind team announced the changes in the final product. It was headed by “Ember,” who has since left the project.

This patch, numbered 19.12 — that’s a hell of a patch number, too — is the first since the middle of 2018. It adds the much-anticipated region of Aanthrin onto the map, plus some smaller outer regions in the waters.

“The main attraction of this release is the region of Aanthirin; large and unnatural landscape dominated by the Thirr River, the largest river in Morrowind,” the update page reads.

While the new settings look gorgeous, the team behind Tamriel Rebuilt doesn’t expect you to just run around and climb mountains and navigate the massive river aimlessly. This new update adds new original storylines, including an “impending House War” between House Hlaalu and House Indori, two of the Great Houses of Elder Scrolls lore.

“The region’s picturesque landscape hides the vicious power struggle between the encroaching Great Houses,” the blog reads. These new quests ask you to try to help manage a “fragile peace” between the houses.

Lightened areas are the newest additions in the mod. Yes, most of this map is the mod. Yes, that’s a massive “mod.”

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You can backtrack to Old Ebonheart, in the Ebon Tower, and in Hlaalu territory to find many of these new quests as well. Or, if you’re a high level, take on a Temple intended for skilled players. There are also new settlements to explore around the area.

If that sounds like a lot for a mod, it certainly is. A release like this is practically an entire AAA-game DLC’s worth of content. Possibly for reasons like this,Tamriel Rebuilt is one of the most respected mod projects out there.

It doesn’t look like it’s losing momentum anytime soon, though. After all, they haven’t fleshed out the entire Tamriel mainland yet, which is obviously their goal. Their “preview” content includes some of the Narsis District, located in the south-center of the Morrowind mainland. Plus, it appears they’re starting work with new developers on the swampy, fertile Deshaan region.

If you have Morrowind, the mod is free up on the Tamriel Rebuilt site. No, they don’t take donations; it’s a giant passion project by passionate fans. Kudos.

They also have a trailer for the patch, a screenshot from which is this article’s primary image, with original music: