UFC Featherweight Champion Alex Volkanovski’s mustache, a review

A champion's mustache, if ever there was one.

Alexander Volkanovski, our current featherweight UFC champion (and former small-but-utterly-jacked Rugby star) is considering repeating this look from the past for Movember this year. Maybe this review is the encouragement he needs?alex volkanovski stache text

Alexander Volkanovski's Mustache


It's a strong, strong look.

  • For a good cause
  • Air of worldliness & unassuming wisdom 
  • The color really complements his skin tone
  • Briefly fills the void left by Mirsad Bektic’s mustache
  • Makes him look like an iron-willed but outwardly benevolent dictator whose crimes against humanity won’t really come out until years after his death (bad actions; solid look)
  • Constant reminders of people’s lack of sophistication and taste in comment sections and reply threads
  • Like Mirsad Bektic’s mustache, it will be gone eventually

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