Touching a Handrail at PAX East 2022

Putting one’s hand on a handrail to retain balance while walking down stairs.

The following is an update to our review for Touching a Handrail at PAX from 2020.


the master philip seymour hoffman lecturing

Paul Thomas Anderson, WTF is The Master?

This week on You Love To See It (Fanbyte’s movie rewatch podcast!), we closed out Join Us June with a viewing of The Master, Paul Thomas Anderson’s beautifully acted 2012 drama about a charismatic cult leader. With incredible performances by dearly departed Philip Seymour Hoffman and Joaquin Phoenix, and gorgeous…

god of war ragnarok

This Winter’s AAA Game Slate Might Be More Interesting Than You Think

I record every episode of Thanks for the Knowledge on Fridays with rare exceptions, so this week’s episode is a little wild, woolly, and sad all at once given the disgraceful reversal of Roe v Wade. It was nice to be able to talk to Imran Khan and special guest…