Tom Nook’s Week-Long Twitter Takeover: A Review

We might have to stan. Yes, yes!

Tom Nook on Twitter


For the last nine days (and near foreseeable future), Tom Nook has been running the official Animal Crossing Twitter account instead of Isabelle. We review his tweeting skills.

  • Yes, yes!
  • He's so good at marketing Nook Inc.
  • Busy preparing for millions of customers, yet still takes time to tweet. Very good at updating his fanbase.
  • Has been steadily providing important Check-In Procedures and new footage.
  • Shouted out Isabelle as "one of our most valuable Nook Inc. support staff members," showing his appreciation for his employees even when they're on vacation.
  • Burnout is real. He's at PAX this weekend, preparing the package, and tweeting. Is he okay?
  • Calls Twitter users "friends," encouraging parasocial relationships.
  • No interactions with his fans or antis.
  • Could use a selfie or two.
  • His habit of saying, "Hm?" in conversations feels redundant since he's typing. Save character space.
  • Timmy and Tommy deserve to tweet too, as a treat. Also, they probably have better memes.

Natalie Flores

Natalie is Fanbyte's Featured Contributor, with bylines at places like VICE, Polygon, PC Gamer, Paste Magazine, and more.

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