Tim Sweeney's Room

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney was part of the Summer Game Fest video call to announce Unreal Engine 5, and there we saw how a billionaire decorates his room.


Guy crosses out a sign that says "I paid to see CM Punk" after Punk shows up wearing an abortion rights shirt

Guy Who Crossed Out His Pro-CM Punk Sign When Punk Came Out Wearing an Abortion Rights Shirt: A Review

0/10 Hope you had no fun at all last night dude Support your local abortion fund.

MJF whipping Wardlow AEW

MJF Whipping Wardlow: A Review

Last night on Dynamite, Maxwell Jacob Friedman whipped Wardlow a little north of 10 times. It ruled. The last time MJF whipped somebody, his victim was Cody Rhodes. Back then, there was a two-fold objective: show off Cody’s new neck tattoo, and establish the fact that Cody would preserver anything…