The WWE 2K20 Glitches: A Review

Sometimes you have nowhere to go but down, laughing as you submerge and the tar fuses into your marrow.

WWE 2K20


The WWE 2K20 glitches are the perfect encapsulation of not just a company that should no longer exist, but also the grotesque beauty of annualized game development crumbling before our eyes. "Less than a year" is not enough time to make a video game. Yet the mandate of licensees, boards of investors, curious disaster tourists, and weaponized fandom (together: the symptoms of virulent capitalism) make it all but necessary. These glitches, typically in gif form, let me experience all that without actually having to spend $60 on the video game. I love them.

  • A glorious metaphor
  • I don't actually have to play WWE 2K20 this way
  • Little rays of sunshine peppered into my bad, bad social media feeds
  • I feel bad for people working on these games under what must be sub-optimal conditions
  • We deserve a better world where these gifs aren't necessary to salvage enjoyment out of the world's biggest wrestling games

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