The Distant Hope for a New Virtua Fighter Game: A Review


The Distant Hope for a New Virtua Fighter Game


  • It's in a new graphics engine...
  • We've heard that a new project is in the works...
  • Maybe success of this remaster will dictate the kind of new Virtua Fighter game we ultimately get...
  • I get to dust off my Jeffry McWild skills and wreck people online....
  • ...well, The Dragon Engine, which has been used by Yakuza for a while so it's like.....not that huge of a deal haha
  • ...that'll be very esports focused, whatever that means lmao
  • ...but oh god what if huge success of this means they just.....are happy with that and don't make another one oh no
  • ...just in time to watch Virtua Fighter Esports Revolution get announced for arcade cabinets you find 40 hours into Yakuza Like A Dragon 2 or whatever

John Warren

I miss Texas sometimes. Wheelchair person. Professional wrestling is humanity's greatest achievement. He/his, y'all.

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