This Cat With Two Butts in Sludge Life: A Review

Sludge Life is a game about tagging, but it also features a… special cat.

Content warning for a discussion of… cat butts.

Today, like many days, I received a press release in my inbox. In it, there were a number of screenshots from cool-looking games, a bit of copy, and a nice, convenient link for me to watch a trailer. The image for a game called Sludge Life piqued my interest, and you know I hit that link. The game looks like a rad, low-rez version of something like Jet Grind Radio (aka Jet Set Radio), a Dreamcast game I loved all the way to death back when I was a Dreamcast Teen. In it, you interact with funky characters and tag the hell out of surfaces.

But something caught my eye about halfway through. An adorable cat, doing what adorable cats do: showing you their tiny cat-butt. But this was no ordinary cat butt: this cat-butt features two holes. TWO HOLES.

I had to rewind and take a screenshot. Yes, indeed, this cat appears to have two tiny anuses.

Later on in the trailer, a humanoid character can be seen on their computer, looking at the internet, and sure enough, they are looking at an image of the two-buttholed cat. So yeah, this is obviously something I’m meant to notice. So are you! This is a feature, not a bug.

sludge life cat butt computer

Later on, that cat shows up again, smoking.

Who is this very special cat? I don’t know. But, as a person who is 1. A massive Jet Grind Radio fan and 2. A cat mom with two perfect kitties who loves all things cat-related, I can’t lie to you and say this trailer didn’t do its job very, very well.

Sludge Life


A delightful, quirky, potentially upsetting thing to see in a trailer. I love it.

  • The cat is very cute, it reminds me of the cat in Costume Quest.
  • Cats only seem to show you their little rear ends when they like or trust you, so this is a nice cat.
  • Shocking, but in a good way!
  • This is obviously a marketing ploy to make me, Danielle, write a micro-review about cat buttholes, and I am just earnest enough to take the bait.

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