Showering in Death Stranding: A Review


Showering in Death Stranding


The Private Rooms in Death Stranding are outfitted with all kinds of amenities, including a bathroom pod that includes a shower and toilet. Sam Porter Bridges (Norman Reedus) is free to use the shower as much as he wants.

  • Good for him! He deserves a shower
  • Sam's shower water can be turned into grenades to throw at BTs
  • The camera pans lovingly over Sam's body
  • If Sam is dirty with BT slime or whatever, showering will make him a clean boy again
  • When Sam hops out of the shower, it's pretty cute
  • Sam's body hair doesn't get wet even though his skin does and it looks weird
  • Sam never washes his hair! EVER!
  • The camera doesn't always pan lovingly over Sam's butt
  • The showers don't seem like they are long enough to be truly relaxing

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