Running Up And Down The Hallway (2020 Edition): A Review

Running Up And Down The Hallway (2020 Edition)


A brand new game from my partner Kati and her niece McKenna that involves running up and down the hall a bunch.

  • Infinitely replayable
  • Unbelievably realistic graphics
  • The laughter of children is a beautiful gift that should be cherished, as they are the future and their betterment as children will result in a more just and joyous world in the days to come.
  • Creates an insatiable demand for stew from McKenna, who loves stew.
  • holy shit can kids just run forever? am I old? what the hell
  • Map design needs work – the one included course (Hallway) is narrow and doesn't facilitate three wide racing
  • Hazards litter the course, doorknobs are the perfect height to concuss a two year old
  • oh my god i'm so tired

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