Still There’s Spaceship Controls: A Review

Still There lets you click all the buttons, knobs and blinky lights on the station.

Still There is a rad narrative adventure game about a sad astronaut living alone in a tin can of a space station, looking for signals, missing their family, and verbally sparring with Gronkey, the station’s AI. The many puzzles you interact with take the shape of the station’s zany, many-splendored controls. You may need to align a signal, so you consult the coffee-stained manual for the codes, only to find your predecessor messed with something, so you have to go find the post-it note that explains the new quirk.

It’s a clever implementation for an IF game, but you know what’s even better? The wildly satisfying click and clack of the buttons, knobs, and other controls at your fingertips. Still there has light up buttons, it has big plastic buttons, it has a keyboard and a CRT to play chess with Gronkey and a flight stick and so many other virtual controls that just feel so good to see and touch. It’s all a bit 90s cockpit freakout, in the best way possible.

still there controls

Just look at all those good, good buttons!


  • The buttons and knobs feel great, sound effects are on point, you get to relive your deepest sad astronaut fantasies by playing with control panels.
  • Gronkey is a real dick to play Chess with.

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