Resident Evil 3 Remake Carlos Oliveira Shirtless Mod: A Review


Resident Evil 3 Remake


Tzarev on Nexus Mods has uploaded a mod for Carlos Oliveira in the new Resident Evil 3 remake — specifically, a shirtless mod. It's based on the public demo released the week before the game's launch, so they warn it might be imperfect. But we all know there's nothing imperfect about this.

  • Look at him??? Look at how nicely he is sculpted??? God bless.
  • I'm not religious but if you told me this was god, I'd start going to church.
  • His hair is a TURN-ON, not a TURN-OFF.
  • He is singlehandedly contributing so much to Latinx culture.
  • And horny culture.
  • I can stare at zombies all day just fine if it means cleansing my eyes with this.
  • The only thing in the mod description is "Carlos' meaty pecs exposed," which, like, yeah. Good enough. Sign me the fuck up.
  • Un rey. A king.
  • An objectively extremely essential and innovative mod that will elevate your immersive gaming experience to a unique level.
  • Absolutely nothing.
  • Nada.

Natalie Flores

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