Pumpkin Hill Zone: A Review


Pumpkin Hill Zone


You know me, the fighting freak Knuckles. And we're at Pumpkin Hill. You ready?

  • I ain't gonna let it get to me, I'm just gonna creep
  • Down in Pumpkin Hill I got to find my lost piece
  • I know that it's here, I can sense it in my feet
  • The great Emerald's power allows me to feel
  • I can't see a thing but it's around somewhere
  • I'm gonna hold my head cause I have no fear
  • This probably seems crazy, crazy, a graveyard theory
  • A ghost tried to approach me and got leery
  • Asked him a question and he vanished in a second
  • I'm walkin' through valleys, cryin' pumpkin in the alley
  • Didn't seem happy but they sure tried to get me
  • Had to back 'em up with the fist, metal crack 'em
  • I'm hearing someone saying 'You a chicken, don't be scared!'
  • It had to be the wind, cause nobody wasn't there
  • I searched and I searched as I climbed up the wall
  • And then I started to fly, I went in deeper!

merritt k

Managing Editor, Podcasts


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